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TitlePublic Health and Safety Bond
Vote CountYes: 190,708 / No: 49,899
Percentage of votesYes: 79.26% / No: 20.74%
Percentage of votes required to pass66 2/3%
Pass or FailP
How it was placed on the ballotBoard of Supervisors
DescriptionTo protect public health and safety, improve community medical and mental health care services, earthquake safety, and emergency medical response; to seismically improve, and modernize neighborhood fire stations and vital public health and homeless service sites; to construct a seismically safe and improved San Francisco Fire Department ambulance deployment facility; and to pay related costs, shall the City and County of San Francisco issue $350,000,000 in general obligation bonds, subject to citizen oversight and regular audits?
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The Ballot Propositions Database enables you to search the library’s collection of Voter Information Pamphlets and handbooks for San Francisco municipal elections. The content dates back to 1907, and contains small gaps in coverage. The database links to digitized PDF versions of the pamphlets for each election.

Search the database by date, title, letter or number designation or words in the description. The results contain basic information about each proposition, including results and a brief description of the proposition. At the end of each summary is a link to a PDF of the ballot pamphlet for the election.

Some of the files for the ballot pamphlets (now known as Voter Information Pamphlets) are very large and may cause prolonged downloads. A number of different versions of the pamphlet may have been produced for an election, and these versions are contained in the files.

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